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Thank-you so much for continuing to expose this SRA, I am a survivor of it, saved Only by the precious JESUS CHRIST ❤️

Unfortunately, the reason this is so prevalent and misunderstood, misrepresented, distorted etc is it is Not Only Very REAL... But deeply spiritual in its nature and Origins... It All comes down to the Very Real battle we face that is Biblical...It is as old as Creation ...Evil vs Good, God vs Satan ( Lucifer)... The abuse, torture and sacrifice of children is the ultimate blasphemy against Jehovah and brings great demonic power, therefore " natural evidence" can be covered up, protection given and this depravity continue...

Praise God he Is Sovereign and Will have The Final Judgement and Victory!!! 🙏💖🤣

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Is it possible to get in contact with author of this article? I am hoping to get connected with sources in St. Louis area regarding active investigations of SRA. Thank you!

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a rash of coincidences? I couldn't figure out why i was getting your emails, then opened the 2nd one and saw StLouis mentioned, I opened up the link to the fox2 hackjob article that had a few truths in all their disinfo.

i live in stlouis what you are mentioning is not a secret to a few of the people around here. I blog and tweet about this stuff frequently https://tidbitsbyscotty.blogspot.com/2022/11/baby-motor-dream.html . Here is a tweet thread of some info and stuff i've put together https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1612132740916207616.html I'm not done connecting dots i'll share some stuff that only the locals here are aware of and hasn't made the fakenews reports.

I'll get in touch via email later on today, when i put a few more pieces together on top of what i've already shared.

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It's funny how the articles always say that if it were true, then people would be talking and knowing about it. And then there are tons of examples of people attesting to it. It is the same strategy for the Covid topic. Scientific consensus and there really are no other views, and BTW those many doctors who have a different view are discredit and mentally compromised.

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I looked up Jacque Balodis. She was mentioned in an LA Times article, which was also saved as a resource on a recruiting site for Temple of Set. I also tried to look up the National Information Network guy. Couldn't find much, and then saw descriptors of tapes from Mae Brussell.

1991 La Times article



Leads to recruitment for Satanic Temple of Set


Presidio, mcmartin, Aquinas, Nazis, Manson, Pinochet

Since Mae Brussell's demise in 1988, much has been written and rumored about her intense investigation of the San Francisco Presidio child abuse case and Michael Aquino, and his Army Intelligence and Nazi contacts. Her research led to Marin County child care facilities based on Aquino's property. Click. Mae Brussell received death threats when investigating the Presidio case. Mae Brussell died of fast-onset cancer in the midst of her investigation into this matter, among others. Mae Brussell lost her daughter, Bonnie, in a fatal car accident, which she attributed to a "hit" by her enemies. The issue of abused. abducted and murdered children was personally important to Mae Brussell.



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